Curve Cure Cushion
Curve Cure Cushion

Curve Cure Cushion

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Product Features:

  • The Curve Cure Cushion is the only BBL chair or cushion with a back support, allowing patients to sit all the way back instead of having to lean forward and balance their weight on their upper thighs
  • Provides support to the legs AND back
  • Use the Curve Cushion in a car, at work, at home, on a plane, ANYWHERE
  • Best when used on hard chairs/surfaces
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Made from vinyl, and is easily wiped down and cleaned


  1. One 3-piece adjustable chair cushion
  2. One manual air pump for the chair cushion
  3. One carrying pouch

Cushion size: Adjustable, One size fits all

Pump: Cushion uses Manual Pump (included)

Carry bags: Velvet bags with draw string, completely washable